Schedule a ride to your appointments

Plan a trip to your next health care appointment - it's free and easy. 

Ride to Care is a Health Share service that provides free trips to health care appointments that we cover. Visit Ride to Care or call 503-416-3955 to learn more and schedule a trip!

Schedule a Ride

Depending on your needs, you may get help paying for gas, tickets to ride the bus or MAX, or private rides in a taxi or wheelchair accessible van. 

Call to schedule a ride: 503-416-3955, toll-free 855-321-4899 (TTY/TDD 711)

If you received a Hop Fastpass or travel funds card in the mail, it is already activated—you can begin using it for your appointments immediately! To learn more about these options, visit the Ride to Care website.

Changes coming to the Ride to Care program | June 2018

Have the following information ready when you schedule your ride:

  • Your Oregon Health Plan (OHP) ID number

  • Time and date of your appointment

  • Name, complete address and phone number of your doctor or health care provider

Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for this benefit?
When you call to schedule a ride, the Ride To Care call center will check if you qualify. They will also verify that the ride is for an OHP-covered service, check what personal needs you have, and ask if you have other means of transportation.

All requests must be pre-approved. This includes requests for rides or reimbursement of transportation expenses like mileage, meals and lodging.

What type of transportation can I get?
Depending on medical condition, ride options include bus tickets, TriMet passes, taxis and wheelchair lift-equipped vans. The service also uses volunteer drivers and can reimburse members for their transportation mileage.

Along with routine doctor appointments, members can schedule rides to and from OHP-covered urgent care, chemotherapy and dialysis appointments. 

Can I schedule a ride with short notice?
If needed, Ride To Care can help provide transportation for members at short notice. When you call, tell the operator if you have urgent transportation needs, like if you need a ride to an urgent care clinic.

Where can Ride To Care take me if I qualify for a ride?
They can take you to doctor appointments, clinics, hospitals, physical therapy and any other OHP approved health care service. You’ll also get transportation back home.

How will I get to my appointment?
Depending on you need, you may be assigned public transit, commercial vehicle (sedan/taxi) or wheelchair lift-equipped vehicle. Ride To Care also has gas reimbursement programs and volunteer drivers.

How long will I have to wait for a ride?
If you are scheduled to be picked up at your residence (e.g., taxi or lift bus), you need to be ready at least an hour before your scheduled pick up time.

How will I get a ride home? 
If you are picked up at your residence (e.g. taxi or lift bus), the driver will give you a card with a phone number to call when you are ready to go home. It may take up to an hour for the driver to return.

I have limited mobility. Will the drivers assist me with getting onto vans? 
Yes. When members call to schedule a ride, they need to identify their special needs so the drivers will know to provide assistance boarding and de-boarding the vehicle.

What if I need to pick up medications or other items prescribed for me at my medical appointment?
You should tell your driver that you have to get a prescription filled before you return home. The drivers will stop and wait for you to pick up medications or other items prescribed by your doctors or providers.

Can children get rides without an adult?
No, the brokerage will not transport children less than 12 years old unescorted. There are exceptions for children escorted by DHS volunteers.

Non-English speaking members

Ride To Care has interpreters available for non-English speaking members. This service is free. When the call is answered, you must say the language you speak and stay on the line. A Ride To Care representative will help you.

Questions, comments or complaints

If you have a comment or complaint about the service, you should call Ride To Care right away at 503-416-3955 (1-855-321-4899 or TTY/TDD 711). Ride To Care is required to tell us about any complaints it receives. We keep track of your concerns to make sure Ride To Care gives you qualify service.

If you have a comment that you do not want to share with Ride To Care, you can call Health Share Customer Service at 503-416-8090 or toll free 1-888-519-3845 (TTY/TDD 711).