Health Care Facilities FAQs

Transportation plays a significant role in patients receiving the health care they need. Health Share of Oregon works with the transportation service Ride To Care to help provider offices and health care facilities request these services for their patients:

  • Call center services: core contact center hours 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.; 24-hour, 7 days a week access to live operators. 

  • A Ride To Care portal for providers for convenient online scheduling of patient transportation. 

  • The ability to schedule short notice trips (based on trip urgency and driver availability).

  • The ability to schedule transportation service for members up to 30 days in advance, enabling provider offices to schedule subsequent appointments for patients, improving the likelihood patients will get necessary follow-up exams or ongoing treatments.

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How do I call in to schedule non-emergency transportation?

For routine transportation (including ambulatory and wheelchair), call (855) 321-4899.
For non-emergency ambulance, stretcher and secure transportation, call (855) 573-7516.

What do I need to know when I call to schedule a ride for an eligible member?

When you call to schedule transportation, please provide the following information:

•    Member’s ID number
•    Member’s full name
•    Member’s date of birth
•    Member’s phone number
•    Member’s current home address
•    Medical Caregiver Info: name, address and phone number
•    Time and date of appointment
•    Any special needs the member may have such as a cane, wheelchair, oxygen, etc.

Keep in mind that Ride To Care accesses current eligibility files to ensure member for services. If a member has recently moved, knowing a previous address can be helpful. If the member has special needs, please share that with Ride To Care. We want to make sure each member get the right vehicle for their trip.

What if I need to escalate an issue, change the pick-up time, or make a change to the Level of Service prior to the transportation provider arriving for the transport?

If there is an issue, please call the Ride To Care contact center directly at (855) 321-4899. They will coordinate changes and manage any issues.

How is Level of Service determined?

Ride To Care’s goal is to provide the most appropriate, cost-effective level of service for each transport. They maintain open lines of communication with health care providers, community service agencies, and case management professionals to obtain relevant information that might change level of service determinations. Member needs are individually assessed for appropriateness.

What if I want to share feedback?

If you have a concern, complaint or feedback, please submit them via the Ride To Care portal or email them directly to

When submitting feedback, it is helpful to provide as much detail as possible to help address the specific issue, including:
•    Name of facility/unit/ department
•    Date and approximate time of incident
•    Member information including name, phone number, DOB, and member ID
•    Any names of contacts you had with Ride To Care team
•    Mode of communication preference - email or phone
•    Request to meet with Ride To Care Community Liaison in person
•    If submitting by email, send information securely

How are transportation pick up times determined?

Ride To Care does not set a specific pick up time but rather establishes a pick up time window. The transport provider has one hour prior to the member’s appointment to pick them up at their pick up location. For urgent trip requests, the transport provider has one hour from the time the ride was scheduled for pick up. For return rides, transport providers have one hour from the time call was made to pick member up from their appointment. If the return is pre-scheduled, the provider is expected to be there at the scheduled time, but has a 30 minute arrival window in case of unforeseen issues (i.e. traffic).

Will I receive an authorization number at the end of the call?

Ride To Care can provide you with a trip number once the member’s transportation has been approved. You can reference this trip number if you need to call back to confirm the name of the transportation provider or to make changes to your transportation request.

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Ride To Care

503-416-3955 local
1-855-321-4899 toll-free
711 for Oregon Relay Service or TTY/TDD